M For Mayhem

M is for Mayhem

Not that long ago, the good citizens in the Town of Buttonsville woke up to some rather mystifying morning news. “This town will no longer be called Buttonsville, but I am renaming it to Muttonsville in honour of the letter M,” their town Mayor announced.
Everyone knew that Mayor Mischievson had been obsessed with the letter ‘M’ for a while. But to change the town name from Buttonsville to Muttonsville – That was plain crazy, hey? People scratched their heads and wondered about their magnificent Mayor, the one and only Magoo Mischievson. “Maybe he has gone complete bonkers,” some whispered. “Loopy-doopy-dippers,” others twittered.
“Everyone and everything- people, buildings, schools- should have names that start with M,” the Mayor announced the next day. Alice was no longer Alice, the Mayor said, but she was to be called Malice. Jessy was to be renamed as Messy. Poor old Parker would have to settle for Marker.
Things in Muttonsville were getting messier and messier. Tuck shops were ordered not to serve salads and sandwiches, instead they had to cook Macaroons, Mince pies and Mozzarella balls.
Builders were told to knock down their buildings and rebuild in the shape of ‘M’. Parks were shut down to make room for Marching bands and Miniature golf. Dogs and cats were not acceptable pets any longer. They were exchanged for meerkats, monkeys and manta rays!
Townsfolk were appalled! “This craziness must stop”, they murmured. But no one had the courage to face the Mayor and tell him off. No one, except Tommy Fiddlestick.
Tommy Fiddlestick was no superhero. He was an ordinary kid who happened to love Science and all things in space. And he hated bullies. Tommy was just in the middle of putting finishing touches to the rocket ship he made when he heard about Mayor’s lunatics. At once, Tommy decided that he was not going to follow the Mayor’s orders.
It goes without saying that Mayor Mischievson was not happy. “How dare this little pipsqueak disobey my orders”, Mayor mumbled as he rushed to Tommy’s house to make him stop.
Once he got there, the Mayor had another idea. Tommy couldn’t believe his eyes when Mayor Mischievson pushed him out of his rocket and started fiddling the different buttons in hopes to destroy the rocket once and for all. Tommy begged him to stop, but Mayor Mischievson was having such fun that he did not listen to a word.
You know what happened next, don’t you? You’re right. As the good people of Townsville watched in surprise, the rocket spluttered once, squeaked twice and blasted off into space, taking Mayor Mischievson with it.
If you are wondering what happened to the mental Mayor in the end, I will be happy to report that the Mayor is now living miserably ever after in Mars, eating moon pies and getting ordered about by mighty Martians.