Back In Time

Imagine if you had the ability to go back in time. Would you want that power or opportunity or not? What time of the past would you want to go to? Well for sure I did not want to go back into the past, especially if it was sixty-five million years ago. If you didn’t already guess already that’s when the dinosaurs were living. I’ll tell you what I mean.
So it was a very cloudy, gloomy, day going to school. It was very rainy that day that day so we couldn’t see very clearly through the window. Eventually It got so bad that we had to stop on the side before we crashed into another car. While we were waiting for the rain to pass I saw a sparkling, beautiful, glistening gold material on the ground next to our car. Soon enough I couldn’t help but touch it so, I went outside and touched it.
You would’ve thought I was dumb or something but my instincts just took over. Then that’s when things got a little out of hand. The moment I touched the beautiful piece of gold, I got drawn into a mysterious void extremely colourful like a rainbow. Once I was out I thought I was sky-diving without a parachute except I actually was sky-diving without a parachute. Then if things couldn’t get worse I could literally feel hot, scorching, screaming flames and magma breathing on me. In other words I was sky-diving without a parachute into a volcano. Then you probably guessed what happened next. I was dead. I was praying and praying to the heavens that this was just a dream but no answer came. Well I guess I wasn’t really dead since as soon as I touched the magma I started falling again from the same spot. I thought I was going to be doing this until the ice age. I realised that I still had my bag on me so I opened it up and the most astonishing thing was I had an emergency parachute, just what I wanted.

After that happened I landed safely on the ground. The only problem was magma was dribbling out of the volcano seeming to directly following me around so my natural senses were to run as fast as ever. I was on a hill or some sort after my magma marathon. It meant that I eventually got to a safe ground. I didn’t realise how fatigued I was after all of that. I was never really that fast or athletic kid in my grade but after what I realised what I’d just done that was going to change. Then I hit my head on the gravel and started sleeping.

I woke up eventually on a bed simply saying my bed. Weird enough to say but I guess 12 year olds can have pretty weird and realistic dreams about falling into a volcano.