A Bad Day

Ugh, that was my annoying sister Annett. I think she likes it when I’m annoyed because she seems to annoy me a lot.
“Well, I’m awake now!”
I glare and roll my eyes at her.
She rolls her eyes back at me. I figure out that she has already ruined my morning, but luckily not my day. THUMP THUMP THUMP!!! That was my brother Liam. You will think my sister is an angel compared to him!!! He likes being gross, annoying people, being dumb and being a total idiot. He thinks he’s cool, he wears fake chains around his neck made of plastic and wears sunglasses indoors. Sometimes he does that in public but on a scooter! He thinks he’s 24 years old, even though he’s only 6. He orders people around a lot.
“Get me some orange juice Amelia, NOW!!!” he screams at me.
“Why should I?” I say back.
“Amelia, how dare you be so rude to your little sweet brother.” Uh oh that was Mum, she always gets mad at me and Annett when we ‘talk back’.
“But Mum…” I whine, but I don’t finish my sentence.
“No buts Amelia.”
“Fine…” I say.
I poke my tongue out at my brother. He seems to think it’s funny, he keeps laughing. I pour him his juice and get myself some breakfast. Great, this is great. No more fruit loops. Then I turn back to see my sister eating some. Argh I’m so mad!!! I stomp away and decide to skip breakfast, I have had enough. I go back upstairs and have a shower.
Wait, where is my favourite top I was going to wear?! Looks like I’ll have to wear this one then. I pull out a grey top with an owl printed onto it. “Good enough,” I say to myself. I walk outside, I’m so fired up. I haven’t brushed my hair. Ugh, who cares anymore, obviously today is a bad day. I turn around the corner. I feel heat spread against the side of my face. I see something large, big, scaly, and really scary.
I duck, flame goes over my messy hair.
“Hey!” I yell.
Still the dragon doesn’t stop. I start laughing.
“Wow, It’s like I am in a dream.”
I pinch myself, ow, this isn’t a dream. I dive for the floor.
“STAY STILL CHOSEN ONE!” I hear around the corner. It sounds like a man is talking to me. But what does he mean by chosen one? Suddenly I see the dragon perish into ashes and dust. I cough.
“Hello?” I ask.
“Don’t worry little one, you are safe with me.”
Suddenly I stumble over and hit my head on the ground.
“Amelia!” I hear the man say.
Ugh he keeps on repeating it. But his voice is now starting to sound like an 8 year old girl. I sit up. In my bed? Oh! It was a dream after all!!!