Jealousy escalates faster than the speed of light,
It’s like a mite that flys around at night,
spreading its wickedly evil bite.
Green like envy, and poisonous like ivy.
More dangerous than the most vicious snake, more painful than the worst belly ache.
Anger, sadness, spite and greed, like some kind of bizarre weed.
Jealousy- it’s -like a cage,
it can cause you to rage,and even engage,in dangerous schemes.
It’s a another word for insecure,that, I can assure.
I would say it’s like jail, except- it’s hard to get bail.
It’s very complicated,not to mention full of hatred.
It’s just an emotion, but it brings so much commotion.
It’s a three eyed monster,not to mention an imposter.
It’s an acid green shade,but it’s the opposite of an aid.
But remember, in September, October, November, December,
what ever month it may be,
memorizing this poem,
is the key.

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