A Beary Big Adventure!

‘Click!’ goes the lock of the toy store door. I start to cry. No tears pour down my cheeks. I don’t even make a sound. The reason why; I’m stuffed. I’m Fluffy the Bear. I’m here because Isla, my owner and best friend, left me here in her excitement to get a new toy. She ran off and forgot about me. The place is silent. Then, I hear the creaking of boxes, hushed whispers and, for some reason, I’m starting to hear my sobs. All these sounds seem to be out loud rather than in my head. I feel a hard paw on my shoulder, and suddenly, I turn around. There is a crowd of toys staring down at me. I suddenly sit up and feel wetness drip down my cheeks. “How…-what…-where…-is this real?’ I ask, stuttering as I go. ‘Yes, this is real.’ The tall doll with red hair calmly tells me. ‘I’m Ayla. You’re in the toy shop and you’ve arrived at just the right time. Today we’re having a party!’ They hoist me up onto their shoulders. Off to the party I went, but little did I know what was in store for me.

The very first noise I heard was music. Not sweet, classical music, but hard, rock music. It was a party in the middle of the night after all! A dog let me ride on her back while she performed some complicated tricks and routines. I was dizzy after that, but we still partied till midnight. Then it happened. The vacuum cleaner was here. Everyone scattered back to their boxes, but I had nowhere to go. I wasn’t from a box, I couldn’t hide anywhere. My life flashed before my eyes. I saw Isla, playing with me, Isla having a tea party with me, everything was with Isla. A daunting shadow rose behind me. ‘Time to go.’ It said. I recognised that voice. I spun around and there was LEGOMan. ‘There’s a playhouse that we can get to if we hurry. As we were running, I asked him ‘Why are you not in your box, like all the others?’ He answered ‘We LEGO© men are put together, we can’t take each other apart. Our box is made out of cardboard and once torn, cannot be put back together.’ We reached the small house and inside were hundreds of LEGO© men, stacked on top of each other to make more space. We ran inside just as the vacuum cleaner went past. Once he disappeared, we all came out and started partying again.

Soon enough, it was morning. We all went back to where we were left the night before and the first person in the door was Isla. She ran over towards me and cuddled me like never before. We left the store and I waved to all of my new friends. They all waved back to me. It was only one night, but the experience was life-changing.


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