Molly And The Disguised Enchantress

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her name was Molly, she live by herself after her parent passed away. She was very poor, had no money to buy clothes or food to eat .Each day Molly walked down the street to beg for her living. At night Molly had to sleep under any shelter that she could find.
One day Molly begs a beautiful lady and her name was Elanora and she looked very kind. The beautiful lady offered Molly to come and live with her in her castle in the deep dark forest. Molly was so desperate and without any hesitation, she accepted and she moved in immediately.
Living in a giant castle, eating lots of yummy food and Molly was so happy and thankful and thought she would pay back to Elanora one day.
Although Molly had everything that she had always craved for, she felt very sad that she was not permited to get out of the giant castle. She felt something bad inside her, she did not know why and it got worst. That night she could not sleep, she got up and walked around the castle that she not even familiar with all the room since the day she moved in. Especially there was something peculiar and suspicious as she noticed there was a room that was always carefully locked with a sign said “Do Not Enter, Disobey Will Be Punished.”
Molly could not stop her curiosity so she stole Elanora’s key and opened the secrete room. Molly was almost fainted after she saw Elanora was eating a live child. Bang! The room door was shut, Molly was very terrified and she realise that Elanora was a witch so she tried to run away, unfortunately the entrance door was locked.
The witch grab Molly back, “stupid girl, I feed you fat so I can eat you; you can’t run away from me.” Molly was struggle, “Let me go! You witch! Help!” Then the wood cutter who walked pass the castle, he heard Molly screaming for help, he broke the door with his wood cutter and inside he came. He tried to rescue Molly; he fought the witch with his wood cutter. With Elanora magic she turned the wood cutter into a rabbit. “Whoever dare enter my castle they will be dead!” The witch exclaimed.
Molly thought that was her destiny, she knew that she would not be able to defeat the witch and she would be killed soon. Molly had no choice she picked up a jar of potion and threw it onto the witch. With a big surprise, the witch melted into slimy liquid and left her wand. Molly then picked up the wand and with one of her wave, Molly could not believe her eye; everything in the castle turn into gold. Molly was eventually free; and she became rich. Molly grew up with a kind hearted and always willing to help all the poor people, especially kids.


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