All my life I have been lectured about the kidnappings around my community, where innocent kids have been ripped out of their own homes during the dangerous night. The stories I was aware of were real and terrifying, but the thought of myself being taken had always seemed impossible. I didn’t really know the full extent of how villainous a human could be until that fateful night. The treacherous criminal who took me had the speed, agility and precision that only comes from years of experience.
I lay on a wooden table; thick leather straps threatened to cut off my blood stream as they held my arms and legs in place. While forcefully attempting to loosen the straps grasp, I watched the outlines of items in the dangerous darkness come into focus. Clean metal benches lined the cubic room, with sharp tools and miniature machines placed perfectly on top of them. Beside me, were contorted tables identical to mine, and strapped onto the splintering timber were the other unfortunate kids. A boy next to me embraced a familiar face, and remembering the brilliant times we have spent together, it killed me to see deep puncture marks that formed a crater of lifeless flesh and useless organs.
A corroded door opened creakily somewhere in a far corner that light hardly touched. From the dim lit area, two legs trudged across the polished floorboards. My hands fidgeted and found a slight tear in the supposedly impenetrable leather. A smile flickered across my otherwise terrified face, and I ripped the material more until my grateful arm was free. I searched around the room with determined eyes to find something nearby that was sharp. The blade responsible for the grotesque wounds in my friend’s stomach revealed itself.
The footsteps belonged to the kidnapper, who was investigating an unfamiliar neighbour on my left. With a pointed knife, he poked at different parts of her body, occasionally opening up skin and watching the warm blood pour out. After he seemed satisfied with his progress, he shifted his focus to me. I closed my eyes, and prayed he would let me live, but thinking is difficult when your heart feels like it’s going to explode out of your chest. The mysterious man stomped over to where I lay; his intimidating blade shone under the soft glow of the struggling lightbulb. As he bent down to start examining me, without thinking I plunged the blade I had seized earlier deep into his ribcage. A few faint sounds escaped his mouth before he descended onto the blood drenched floor.
I never wanted to murder him, but I realised it was better him dead than me. I was extremely relieved to return home safely and my parents seemed more grateful than I was. Unfortunately, the other unlucky children trapped in the man’s hideout were long dead by the time paramedics arrived. The cruel man’s body was discovered and studied. Nobody in my tranquil community was ever taken again.


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