Daily Battles Of Perception & Grounding

It’s amazing how you can lose so much in the blink of an eye,
All good, turns to red dust and demons.
They say I have tears that tell stories and a muddled mind,
Use perception to help in the healing.
What do I feel? The rustled sheets, The dragging of feet,
And that light in the dark street is flickering.
Time stands still… But the clock is endlessly ticking.
I look at the shining stars and beaming moon,
I see you. I hear your truth.
Maybe I should have been less envious and more enthused?
I smell the summer seas, yet feel the winter breeze,
Thinking that spring must be here, Mid – March and May, nothing is as it appears.
“Fulfil your appetite, all good thoughts” they shout
I taste nothing. Hear nothing but the voices in my head getting loud,
I try to shut them out, But anxiety takes over me,
I’ve lost all surroundings, Nothing will fix the loss of you,
Not even grounding...


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