Finalist in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

It was a wonderful day in the land of Dragons. Suddenly it became cloudy and a storm was brewing. All the dragons started to look for cover except the water dragon. He was not scared of storms. Lightning began. It started to rain heavily and the fire dragon was scared.
The water in the river started to rise and covered the fire-dragon’s feet. The water-dragon said to the fire-dragon, “Hop on my back. I will help you. And I will take you to a safe place.” So the fire-dragon climbed nervously onto the water-dragon’s back. And the water-dragon swam up the river to the top of the hill. There, fire-dragon got off. He thanked his friend for helping him.
The water-dragon returned to his home in the river. He felt happy that he could help the fire-dragon.
The rain stopped and the fire-dragon was able to return back down the hill. The sun came out and dried up the land. The other dragons left their shelter and went looking for food. Dragons are carnivores. All except the water-dragon. He only liked plants. His favourite plant was deep deep down on the bottom of the lake. It was juicy and sweet. It was only available in this lake. No one else knew about this plant except the water-dragon. There was something else special about this plant. After eating it, it makes you invincible for 2 hours. The water-dragon did not know about this special effect.
One day, after a full belly of juicy plant, the water-dragon heard a lot of noise at the bank of the river. He swam quickly to the surface to find the electric-dragon trying to attack the poor baby hippopotamus. He felt very angry watching this. He shouted out “STOP!” The electric-dragon turned around to see where the noise was coming from. He could not see the water-dragon who was currently invisible. While the electric dragon paused, the baby hippopotamus escaped. The water-dragon splashed water onto the electric-dragon. Electric-dragons do not like getting wet so he ran away in a different direction.
Once again, the water-dragon felt happy. He liked helping people.