Back In Time


Hi, my name is Clara. I love history - museums, documentaries, anything to do with history. I am only ten. I wish that I could go back in history sometimes. Ever since I learned about history I have wanted to meet Vincent Van Gogh and see the Titanic and see the fashion in the 90’s! Because I am only ten all I can do is read about it!

I have been watching Doctor Who and he has a time machine. Everyone says it’s not real and I get that but it would be cool. But there are no such things as time machines.

Every year on my birthday I make the same wish. I can’t tell you that wish because then it won’t come true. It probably won’t anyway but it would be cool. Luckily my birthday is tomorrow so that means one more wish. I wish on the first star and cross my fingers and toes and just hope.

Unfortunately my wish didn’t come true. It is 7 pm and I am supposed to be in bed. I am still hopeful because your wish can come true in your dreams. I am desperate to travel time. Everyone says ten year olds have a wild imagination. Blah blah blah. So yes, I do have a wild imagination. That allows me to imagine the past. In other words my mind is a time machine. Wait… my mind is a time machine.

The first thing I want to do is visit Vincent Van Gogh. As I close my eyes I can picture the village he lived in. I can clearly see his house and the sunflowers in the back garden. As I step outside, down the end of the road is the bakery. My teachers all said he tried to sell his paintings there. They also said he went crazy and cut his ear off. Who knows?

Next the Titanic. I am walking on deck, ankle deep in water. There are people running across the deck trying to get off. Lifeboats are being thrown over the side of the ship. My teachers told me the Titanic was said to be unsinkable. That’s clearly not true.

Finally the 90’s. I am walking down the runway at a fashion show. All the models are wearing retro outfits. They all have crazy hair. My teachers always said back then the bigger the better. I see what they mean.

As I open my eyes I am lying in my bed. I was never really there. Well my mind was. So in the end my wish came true. I discovered my mind is the time machine I have been looking for.