The Man Outside

Excellence Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

There's a man outside whom I've never met, the glimpse in his eye and his lit cigarette.
His dark evil smile made me quiver in fear, there are sirens outside the police must be near.
I closed the curtains and shut the door, he can’t get in now, I am totally sure.
There's a tap on my window and I lay on my bed, this feeling in my chest I know that I'm dead.
He's coming in, and he's coming now, I don't know why and I don't know how.
Screams tells me he’s already in, there's a knock on my door and my head starts to spin.
Do I open it up and face my doom, or cower in a dark corner of my room.
The door opens up as I stare in fear, as this dark evil creature begins to come near.
He’s holding a knife, sharp and red, like another in this house is already dead.
He stands over me with his big black eyes, and his cold wet hand muffles my cries.
I screamed for help but no one heard, the knife swung and my vision was blurred
He missed my face but only just, I had to escape I must I must!
Again he tried and this time success, he hit the target my heart, my chest.
My white covers stained in blood, it was pouring out like a terrible flood.
The police are outside but their way to late, the people inside have met their fate.
There's a man inside whom I've never met, and he's out to kill more I bet, I bet.