Walters Shop

I stepped onto the old varnish floor. The sweet smell of polished oak wood flows into my nose. A mysterious “hello” came from out of nowhere. As my eyes adjust to the dimed room I turn my head to the left then the right to look for the person that owns the quiet voice, but all I saw was lollies, toys and drinks. The smell of fresh hot food made my tummy roar like the sound of a roaring tiger

When I was looking up heard that little voice.

“My name is Walter and this is my shop.”

“Where are you” I asked

“Down here, I’m sorry if scared you, I’m quite short for my age”

“Do you want to try one of the new drinks?”

“Yes please that would be delightful, I also would like to ask if there is anything I can get my 7 year old daughter for her birthday”

While handing me the drink Walter politely said “Yes dear, I can get you some options if you want”

“Please do Walter that would help me a lot”

He turned around and to grab some options for me to choose from. The

Walter turned around and grabbed some things for me. The options Walter gave me was a little teddy bear, a sign, a little pot of fairy dust, some lollies and jewellery.

I finally decided on a little bear, lollies and a ring with love harts I paid $20 for it all.

Walking out politely saying “good bye now Walter”, with the best services I’ve ever had and the biggest grin on my face. “Good bye hope you come again