Fairy World

Along time ago in a island lived an interesting garden and a fairy call Needy. She has long hair, a lovely love heat dress, fluff wings, beautiful blue eyes and she cares for animals.

One night a monster wreck the garden and all flowers were everywhere. Needy woke up. She got a shock. She said “oh my god I can’t believe what happened to my beautiful garden” said Needy a whingy voice. Neeby had an idea. Her idea was to trap the monster. She made the trap. The trap didn’t not go off the first time but they trap went off the second time. The monster made a spooky noise. It went like this “ HOOO HOWOO MOO BAA RAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”the monster said in a terrified voice. Let me out of here you weirdo now” said the monster. “No” said Neeby in a cranky voice. But Neeby thought for a minute she said “Ok “said Needy in a nice voice.” But you are not going to wreck my flowers again” said Neeby. “OK” said the monster.



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