Fake Friend

“Stop it!” I shouted as my best friend who was possessed by a ghost, was trying to push me off the hot air balloon basket. “I will never stop torturing you, HA,HA,HA!” The possessed girl shouted, in a deep dark windy voice. “NO,NO!!”
I screamed wishing that it wasn’t real, but SUDDENLY...
“Clemintine, Clemintine, it’s time to go hot air balloon riding!” Rosella yelled. “Uh Huh” Clemintine responded with a dry mouth, “Did you pack your things? It’s going to be 1 hour” Rosella said reminding Clemintine.
1 hour later
“Are you here for the hot air balloon ride?” The driver said in a French accent, “Yes.” Clemintine answered, “Ok, please get in the basket, we will be leaving right away” replied the driver.
When they got on, it took them 15 minutes to start talking. “So, how’s school?” Clemintine asked, Rosella didn’t answer “Um, Hello? Rosella?” Clemintine asked waiting for an answer.“ You will perish onto the darkness Clemintine” a deep dark windy voice spoke, “Who, who are you and why are you in my friends’ body?” Clemintine said with her voice trembling. “I am Keisha, QUEEN of the possessed people, and I have come to this girls’ body, TO KILL YOU!!!” Keisha shouted. In shock the driver fainted.
Keisha was trying to push Clemintine of the hot air balloon basket, “NO, NO!!!” Clemintine screamed “Keisha, please don’t do this you can become a better person” Clemintine said trying to convince her, “how do you know that?” Keisha asked “I know that because, because I feel that you are a good person” Clemintine said, “….fine” Keisha said while starting to tear up. “Please don’t cry, and show yourself” Clemintine said trying not to make her cry, Keisha’s ghost body began to appear beside Rosella’s body and soon Keisha’s body began to slowly disappear. “Thank god she’s gone!” Clemintine said. The driver woke up and realised that they were back. “We’re back” the driver said, “Ok” Clemintine replied, slowly taking Rosella out of the basket and running back to her parents since Rosellas’ car was towed. “Why was she carrying the other girl?” The driver mumbled to himself.
Rosella was conscious and Clemintine NEVER went hot air balloon riding again. Rosella never knew about Keisha and Clemintine forgot everything. Keisha remained alive but she started doing good things and her human body started to reappear again.