Baby Bob Never Gives Up

Mr Big Eyes, the owl, was looking after his son, Baby Bob, as he took his first flight. Mr Big Eyes and Baby Bob were sitting high on a branch in the tallest tree. Not far from them was another branch of the tree. Baby Bob was going to fly to the second branch.

Baby Bob felt confident, like he could handle anything! Mr Big Eyes knew that his son could do it.

Baby Bob took a step forward to the edge of the branch, but as he was about to jump, he looked down, they were a long way up. He backed away from the edge of the branch, tears formed in his eyes. “I can’t do it” he said, in a small voice, “I’m too scared”. My Big Eyes looked right into Baby Bob’s eyes and said; “you can do it, you just have to believe in yourself”.And he gave Baby Bob a gentle push. Baby Bob took another big breath and jumped. He flapped his wings with all his might, and before he knew it, he was on the second branch! “I did it!” He cried, “I really did it”! Mr Big Eyes smiled at is son, “and you just had to keep trying” he said.

Now Baby Bob flies all the time, sometimes he even goes hunting with Mr Big Eyes. Baby Bob flies from branch to branch flapping his wings.

Years later when Baby Bob wasn’t Baby Bob anymore, but Mr Big Eyes jr, he got married to a beautiful lady owl named Owleen. Owleen and Bob had 5 chicks: Owen, Bessie, Sarah, Jeff and Nora. Bob always showed bravery and he was determined to keep his chicks save. He taught them all how to fly the same way his father had taught him, he told them to believe in themselves and they would achieve what they wanted. He was a very hard working owl, and his wife was even more hard working as she had to look after their 5 chicks. As Bob was always out and about he caught a lot of diseases. Owleen was very good at getting rid of the diseases, but one day Mr Big Eyes jr (Bob) caught a disease that was spreading at the time, and he got sick, he was dying, nothing could save him. Before he died, he looked at his chicks, who were now grown up, and he said; “never give up”. Then he closed his eyes. Bob died on the 5 of April 1999. But if his chicks ever learnt anything from Bob, it would be not to give up.