Kate's New Invention

Chapter 1: Kate

Kate was a girl at the age of 10. She was in grade 5 and loved to make inventions right from her early age. Her dad always believed in her and helped her when she needed. She wished one day that one of her inventions got sold and used by lots of people. She was so passionate about inventions that she would spend time to turn an idea into an invention even when she knew they were going to be useless. Some of her inventions were: the tech brush (it does your hair for you), the drawer (it draws whatever you want), the walker (shoes that make your feet walk for you) etc. It was a bit hard to make inventions, but she was able to do it in the end.
Sometimes, even Kate would get bored of invention. She would go to her dad and say, “Dad, I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to make an invention.” Dad would try to help her settle and say, “Its ok darling. There are plenty of other things to do”.

Chapter 2: Lunch Bell

It was morning and Kate went to school. She noticed something was different, but she didn’t know what it was. She kept on walking to her class and started the lesson. There first activity of the day was reading. Then they got a math test. Kate was quite good at them, so she was confident, and she got an A+ on the test. As the day went by, Kate went home and thought for a while. She wanted to do something, but she had no idea what and not an invention. It was time for bed and all she had was a glass of milk and some cookies. It was Saturday and Kate slept in late. She woke up around lunch time. Kate went on her iPad and started playing her favourite game. As she was playing, she got an idea for her new invention, but didn’t know what the name could be.

Chapter 3: The new invention!

Kate worked all day for this invention. She was so excited, it was the most amazing thing she had ever made. Kate had finished it, it was mixer matron thingy. If you put two different things in the top hole, in 10 secs it would come out of the side mixed together. Kate took it to school and by showed it to everyone. It very quickly became very popular. Her teacher even told the government about the amazing invention. This is when her wish came true. They sold her inventions for at least $400 each piece. They sold thousands of pieces which made her rich. She kept her business running. One day she became the youngest inventor and got a certificate from the government. She made a special invention for all her friends. Kate was popular, happier and rich. Kate’s family were proud of her.

The End.



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