A Bond Forever

I rode down the beach at top speed, I could feel the wind in my flowing hair. My horse was my best friend and we shared a bond that could never be broken... but it hasn’t always been like this.

I’m Lannie and to be honest I never used to like horses that much. You see, I was always what people would refer to as a nerd and I never really liked going outside to much so obviously horses weren’t my thing. But one day I was walking home from school and tried to take a short cut, then it happened, that moment when all of the sudden you know exactly what you want to do forever, I saw a horse zoom past me. I ran home to tell my parents, when I arrived I told them straight away and much to my surprise they said that my dad could take me down to the racetrack tomorrow.

When I called dad to pick me up it was late, he came and we walked home together I told him about Goldie (a beautiful horse I met at the track) and how much I wished I could have him. I was lying in bed, so excited tomorrow was my birthday.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm, I quickly went down stairs to see my family in the kitchen. As soon as they saw me they started all wish me a happy birthday-then my mum told me to follow her. The whole family walked out with us to our backyard she stopped at the stables She pulled open the big door and then I saw him, it-was Goldie. I screamed in excitement, Mum and dad had bought Goldie for me.

A car pulled up I knew who it was and couldn’t be more excited, it was my riding instructor. We were out in the new arena, my instructor (Ashleigh) was telling me how to mount my horse. I tried and failed lots, “if I can’t mount my horse how am I going to ride him” I asked slightly annoyed, Ashleigh just told me to keep trying. I was officially a bad rider.

It had been weeks I had been practicing I was still bad, it didn’t help that the kids at school were giving me a hard time about it. You see Parker saw me riding and... well you get it.

I was on Goldie I had really improved my riding and everyone had just stopped teasing me, Ashleigh said I was one of her most committed and progressive riders which made me so happy. I could now gallop it had been over two years since I started riding and I couldn’t be in a better place. I often take Goldie on trips to the beach and we are now so close, my dad says he has never seen someone love a horse like I love Goldie because we share a bond that could never ever be broken.


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