Malaysia Airlines 370

We may never, ever know where flight MH370 went.
We may never, ever know what happened after it disappeared.
We may never, ever recover their missing souls.
We may never, ever put our miserable hearts at rest.
The flight is among one of the numerous 500 aircraft incidents.
Yet, today it holds the title of aviation's greatest mystery.
With 227 passengers, 12 crew and 2 pilots on board,
its vanishing phenomenon greatly shocked the world.
As the mystery rises, questions gradually emerge.
Why did MH370 fly completely off course?
Did the pilots create this for the world to see?
Was the plane even hijacked by terrorists?
But, I believe that MH370 wasn't a complete tragic disaster,
as out of the incident, came a vital, valuable lesson.
It helped aviation, as it learned from its shortcomings.
Thank you and sorry, Malaysia Airlines 370.