Darkness Silenced

I made the world dark and ugly
I shared my evil and it's spreading like a virus
I've consumed this world and left it in ruins
I laugh as the world cries, 'someone love me.'
Quiet, don't speak, for I bring beauty
I bring hope and I bring light
This world once again will rest in joy
I will stay strong, and I will fight.
Fight for what? This evil world?
This world that chose me over you?
I stand amazed everyday for even I wouldn't have chosen this fate
Death awaits, we both know it, for there's no chance the world will make it through.
You think you see but I know you don't
For I am the source of light, not the only light
There are so many that long for a spark
And they have been lit, the battle is already won, now darkness be silent.


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