Fairy Tale Disaster

Hello, my name is Maddie…
Today was the most wackiest, epic, weirdest day I will NEVER forget! Why? Just keep on reading!...

It was very early, when an unusual sound woke me up. I groaned before I woke up to see where the sound was coming from. The unusual sound was coming from my eldest sister’s study hall. I peeked through the slightly left-opened door and there I saw a book coughing! Weird right? I wondered, “How can an ordinary, harmless book cough?”. I cautiously crept to the ill book and opened the book…

What happened? I got sucked in the book! I was literally stuck in a fairytale! Which one? Hint: A young teenaged girl wearing a blue and white dress living in an ordinary, French village and her name rhymes with Sell. Yup you guessed it! Beauty and the Beast!

There I saw a tall, young teenaged girl wearing a blue and white dress. “Belle!”, I shouted her name across the road until finally, FINALLY, she heard me on the other side of the road and Belle crossed the road to greet me. Belle asked “What’s wrong?’’ and I answered “I got trapped in this fairytale world and I need to get out of here!”. But before we could figure out a plan, me and Belle heard an evil laughter coming from the sky. It was the Narrator but he was evil! I shouted at him “Who are you and how do I get out of here!”. He answered “You have till dusk to get out of these series of fairytales or you’ll be trapped here FOREVER!” but then the Narrator teleported me to a different fairy tale!

I saw Harry Potter going past me riding his broomstick. “WHOOSH!” went the broomstick! “Harry, Harry!” over and over again until he finally heard me and came down to me. I explained how the evil Narrator trapped me in these fairytale series so we thought of a cunning plan to defeat the Narrator. Harry handed me a flying broomstick and a magic stick the school uses for magic. He explained “You see that oddly shaped cloud over there? If you fly through the cloud and you should reach the Narrator’s station where he narrates.”. I thanked Harry and said goodbye to him. I flew to the oddly-shaped cloud and went through the cloud. When I reached the station, I saw the evil Narrator ready to battle me. I swayed my wand my wand around and started casting powerful spells at him. My final spell was ready and I threw the spell at the Narrator and BOOM he was demolished! Yay! I defeated the evil Narrator and guess what? You’ll never guess in a million years so I’ll just tell you. I became the new, non-evil narrator of the fairytales! I was so proud and happy, we all had a big celebration! I’m enjoying my new fairytale life! This is Maddie signing off as narrator!


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