“Go, Go, Go!” The Commander barked as the squad of six funnelled into the manhole. Jack could hear the heavy breathing of his squad when going down the dark hole. At the bottom they were surprised with a huge waft of the foul stench that invaded their nostrils. The heavy breathing that Jack could once hear, was taken over by odour that took their breath. Jack’s tan skin began to pale, and his nose seemed to scrunch up like a rabbit’s. His rare amber eyes luminated in the dark. The squad turned on their bright beaming flash lights and advanced into the darkness.
“Jack,” Andrew whispered.
“What?” Jack replied.
“What if something goes wrong, I don’t want to die man,”
“You won’t… I promise,”
“Guys, torches off, I hear talking,” Bill chimed in.
The talking was almost silent, but Jack could understand it. ‘Get this bomb ready to explode,’ he heard.
“They have a bomb,” Jack quietly told his squad.
The squad checked every corner to make sure the tunnel is clear. Bill checks a bend and is met with a gun to his heart. The AK74u shoots fourteen bullets that sink into Bill’s torso. His lifeless body falls to the ground. The five are surrounded so Jack rests his back up against Andrew’s, with the other three by their side, they were ready. Jack shoots out of his matte black M4 carbine and hits two terrorists. The three are shot, bleeding out quickly, Jack and Andrew know the three’s fate and decide to retreat. They hide. The terrorists decide to not look for them, instead the terrorists rig the bomb to explode in five-minutes. The pair decide to come out and sneakily look for the bomb. Eventually they see the bomb down a long tunnel. It has three-minutes left.
Jack sees three men guarding it, he assumes they are the last of the terrorists and, in a heartbeat, he shoots them. Andrew starts to disarm the bomb when there is two-minutes left. He cuts all the blue wires, turns the dials all to four, and is about to change the A stick to the C stick. Bang! Andrew gets shot in the shoulder. Jack tries to shoot the terrorist but can only hear a faint clicking noise, there’s no of ammo. The enemy tries to shoot but is also surprised by the faint clicking noise of the gun. The terrorist pulls out a long-curved machete and Jack pulls out his combat knife. The terrorist lunges, however Jack dodges and counters the attack. The scarlet blood gushes out all over Jacks hand. Jack runs to the bomb. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The bomb stopped with half a second left. Jack lies down next to Andrew reassuring him they are safe, while they wait for help.


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