Back In Time

Sam was in his backyard when all of a sudden the nature in his yard began turning into a jungle. ‘What's going on? Where is my family going? Help!’ yelled Sam.
Somehow Sam has gone back into the past 5 years ago. When Sam lands on ground he sees a boy in the distance and calls him, ‘Where am I?’ The little kid turned around and when Sam saw the kid’s face, Sam said, 'You look like an alien' the little kid said nothing for a while then he said, 'That's because I am and you are in the jungle in 2012.’ Sam screams, 'What! I have got to get back to my family in 2017!' The boy grabs Sam by the arm and takes him somewhere. When Sam saw where he was trying to take him to, it amazes him so much his eyeballs almost pop out! Right before his eyes is the most amazing waterfall he's ever seen.
The boy sees how astonished Sam is and asked, 'Do you like it?' Sam was too dazed to say anything, so he just nodded in disbelief. Then Sam found something to say and tried to spit it 'Whoa, things back in these days were so beautiful'. Then the boy said, 'Do you want to go home?' Then Sam said, 'Yes please,' so, Sam followed the boy and he shows him the way to a time machine. On the way when the boy wasn't looking, Sam jumped into the bank and stole some money. When Sam came out, he told the boy to run and when he asked 'Why?' Sam said, 'Look behind you!' When he looked, he was terrified and started running for his life. They ran like the wind, nothing would stop them. They turned left then right and left again, then the boy told Sam to go in a shed and in there you will find a time machine. Sam thanked the boy and asked, 'What's your name?' And he said 'Jason.' Finally, Sam waved and said 'Goodbye.' Then Sam started travelling back to the future, with a few changes.
When Sam got back he was happy to be home but still wished that the waterfall was around, so he could show his family. He told the story of how he went back into the past and met a kid who found a time machine. After he told his story, they heard some knocking on the door. There were 2 Police Officers who both said at the same time, 'Do you have a kid named Sam?' When the parents said yes, they got a bit worried and then they realised that there was a bit of Sam's story he didn't tell them and Sam was taken away.
5 years have passed and Sam is still in jail, although he still gets to see his family every day at 10:00am.