Dab Chicken

The terrifying plot of dr. cow head!!!
Dab chicken and Dr. Cow Head where face to face. The moon shifted the tiniest bit then Dr. Cow Head pressed a little red button and nothing really happened “wow that was humiliating” exclaimed dab chicken. Then lots of zombie robot cows emerged from the ground
“noooooooooooo” Dab chicken was about to explode.Then the cow robots stopped “oh wait I told them to obey every command”said Dr cow head “then attack”...
“yes rise my beautiful rise” shouted Dr.Cow Head
“not if I can help it time for DAB KWON-DO”.
The dab with a chainsaw chop bam “strike” shouted dab chicken “not if I can help it”said Dr.cow Head a giant robot suit appeared the ground.It hocked Dab chicken.The cow zombie nerds crawled up to Dab chicken
To be continued.