Scratching, scrambling and shaking her way underneath the rusted, sharp, wired fence. Screaming inside, as blood runs down her arm, a stream with barely any water. The blood drips endlessly, staining the snow. A deep slice through Lara’s identity number. Her long, brown hair is twisted with the wind’s icy fingers. Struggling to hold her tears back, Lara is determined to escape the evil camp. She keeps digging as fast as she can, letting all of her frustration and anger out. Noises of the soldiers weave in and out of her ears, like knitting needles forming a blanket. Her head slowly turns, trembling with fear, fluttering butterflies flying around her stomach. She was caught. Lara’s skin and blood froze as the soldiers drag her passed the snowy cells to congregate hundreds of innocent prisoners. She is told to strip her clothes down. An excited ring buzzed around the cell, hoping for a shower. Jammed, pushed and shoved into a large hall, where the stench of dead bodies linger. The doors lock. Lara feels a chill of fear trickle down her spine. It was black, darker than the midnight sky. It smells so bad; it was like she is being put into a gas bottle. A ray of sunlight shone through, showing soldiers with gas masks. Lara knew what was happening, she heard something about what Hitler was doing. The scene and smell was horrific! Trying to stay alive, thinking about her mother. Her thoughts drizzle and drain out of her mind and Lara’s last breath escapes her mouth…

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