Fairly Odd Circumstance

As he sneakily entered through the window, and lifted the pillow of young George he had seen something that he thought he would never see in his whole fairy career.

He picked the tooth up and quickly stashed it in his pink and white clutch bag, while staring at this metal headed object with a wooden handle as he questioned this under his breath
“what could this child possibly be doing with this”

He snatches the object up in his grasp as he flies out of the window with a mysterious gaze to what it could be.

As he flew to his Headquarters like a speeding bullet, he entered the hanger with the whole team cheering him on his journey, he lands with a slight stumble as he came in with speed never seen before.
All the other Fairies are asking ravenously
“How was it?”

“What happened?”

“Was the Child awake or asleep?”

He stares at his fellow fairies in a concerned gesture as he quickly rushes towards the head Fairy’s office, as he enters the room quietly he sees the turned seat of Sir Reginald Faristy, Harold clears his throat to grab the attention of Faristy, he turns his seat to be patting his bone-dry Tooth, In a soft and extremely high voice
“Ahhhh How can I help you today Harold?”

“It appears we have had a code red Sir”
He pulls out from his clutch bag and hands him the object from underneath young Georges pillow, he focuses on the object like he has seen it before, Farisity asked politely
“Where did you find this?”

“It was underneath the child’s pillow, why?”

“I think he Is trying to cheat the system!”
They both stare at each other with fear and disgust,
“we must not let anyone know about this, that is an order!”

“yes sir, I will not”
Harold left the office with grief-stricken emotions as all of the other fairy’s charge at him with burning questions to ask, he ignores them as if they were not there, he heads home to his house where he lay asleep in his bed.

The next morning Harold wakes up to the sound of his head-splitting alarm clock, as he rolls out of bed tiredly he sprints to his cupboard to get changed into his pink and white tutu, and leave for his long enjoyable day of his work as a tooth fairy.

His first call was a girl named Julia she had just pulled out one of her front teeth, he was excited for this one as he knew how fun it was for someone to lose their first front teeth, as he left the room he slipped a $5 note underneath her.

As he returned to the headquarters of fairy land only to see all of the fairy’s sad and mopey, It seems they had found out about George, the child who was using a Hammer to knock out his teeth to earn more money from the fairy’s.


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