Church bells ring. Faces dip down and tears frozen to my face,another life taken and the wind cries for help. Hooves scrape against the cold cobble stone floor with moody red splotchy patches fill the floor. My panting is getting louder. These days all I do is evacuate each village my clothes are stained red. My eyes are brown turning blue just like dust clearing from the sky wish that was like my future.

I pause and look at a shop there's thiefs well that's what everyone's becoming you'd be lucky if came you out with anything. I have to keep going. Complete silence hits the town then screams run, people are screaming “soldiers soldiers”. I keep trudging I catch sight of a fence I run to it, I hide behind it hoping it could save me a few pieces of wood scrape against my finger ohhh my finger bleeds in the shape that the soldiers were on their uniform the red cross I freeze. suddenly I feel a tug to my dress.

I hide there's a pale girl brown waves like water is calming me her eyes are like a building that's on fire it's like I could see her whole history. shhh im eva I say with my mind boggled im sally come with me I say i'll show where I live but you gotta be quiet. We tiptoe around a building its a teddy bear with a blanket and a photo of my mum she snatches the teddy bear she starts laughing someone's coming we run I take my photo and run. The soldier yells “here” we run into a building 4 blocks away a lady sits there and turns next to me she looks familiar hi I say she frowns.

Shes holding a picture can I look at the photo she hands it to me I grab my photo out my jaw lowers as if I was getting ready to have a feast i lower the photo and hug her it's the missing piece to my photo I line the photo up with her face its her its really you I jump up and down mum. Come on let's go sally puts her hand on my shoulder i'm not leaving without her the scream of the soldiers there approaching go mum said please I run with sally around a building tears are building up washing my face and cleansing my face we walk and walk the sun hits the horizon.