Kate's New Cat

Once there was a girl named Kate, who was eight years old. She was very excited for her first pet as she never had one before. She went to school one morning with her best friend Isabella, who was very kind. There were good helpers around the school and at school Kate asked Isabella "Would you want to help me choose a baby kitten?" and "Yes, I would" Isabella replied. "Ring, ring" went the bell "HOME TIME" yelled the teachers. Kate went home with Isabella and at home they got dressed out of their school clothes and with mum drove to the shop and got a collar, cat toys, cat bed and a litter tray. Then at the pet shop there were tabby's and much more. They saw a beautiful baby tabby female and Kate begged her mum to have her and when she finally got her and another one she named them Tigeress and Butterfly. In the car Kate got to hold one, then when they got home at first the kittens were scared. When Tigeress came out she sniffed the roses and Butterfly came out when it was bed time. Isabella and Kate fed the kittens, Isabella slept over with Kate and they all lived happily ever after. The end!



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