Said The Stars

One night at a boarding school there was a little girl named Chloe. She was quite depressed because she was never slowed outside or see her parents. At night the sky was always beautiful but Chloe wasn’t allowed outside.

She was always imagining and wondered what it would be like outside at night. All the other kids knew so why couldn’t she? The next night she decided to sneak out to see what the stars were like.

So she snuck out, when she was outside she heard someone talking it was the stars the whole time the stars had their own little group. So the group asked her to join their group and she said yes “great” said the stars

So now every night Chloe would sneak out to go to the group and now she was happy. The stars were very happy too! Every night they would just sit and chat about how to make a cake.

The next time they actually did make a cake, it was a delicious cake too! They also shared the cake with all of Chloe’s friends. They loved the cake as well. Chloe’s friends decided to join the club the stars said yes to them joining and loved the idea too. The stars group thought they needed a name so they named it sthoe which means stars and Chloe together. So sthoe the sthoe club the end.

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