Wally The Wallaby And His Big Adventure

One morning at a place called the rocky cliff nearby was a river, there was a wallaby named Wally he was out back orange and brown, he had soft fur and was big and loud. He was only four years old and he was leaving home for an adventure. He packed his bags and hopped away into the green forest, Wally was hopping happily in the bush but then he got lost. He didn’t know the way home so he kept on going, hoping he finds home. He was eating grass when he heard something!!! This forest was lurking with dangerous, mythical animals. Something was coming closer and closer and all you could hear was Stomp!!! Stamp!!! What is it? Wally can see it is green, it has warts all over its got big hands and horrible breath, crooked teeth. IT’S AN OGRE! Wally ran for his life, well hopped for his life… the ogre was just inches away, until it suddenly ran into a tree and Wally had escaped, he keeps running for his life when all of a sudden just as he thinks he has escaped he runs into a pitch black fire-breathing dragon with fluoro purple eyes that stare deep into your soul. He finds a cave and tries to hide, walking deeper and deeper into this dark and mysterious cave, it has crooked rocks and dead moths hanging from the roof. Wally then sees a light, thinking he has found a way out, but it does not turn out that way, this cave was taken by scary, green, ugly goblins. The icky goblins see Wally, Wally turns and runs back the way he came while the goblins are right behind him, he gets out and a bolt of lightning stops him as it strikes just beyond his eyes. Then everything STOPS! The sun comes out, Wally then comes upon a beautiful, glistening, flowing river. While hopping along this river in relief Wally comes upon a wise-old tortoise, scared that he is going to hurt them like every creature he has come across. He finds out that the wise-old tortoise is more scared of Wally than Wally is of him. The wise-old tortoise tells Wally that he will not hurt him and tells Wally his name, his name was Bob. Wally asks Bob if he knows were the rocky cliffs are… Bob shows Wally his way back home. Wally is thankful that Bob has shown him the way back home, they become best friends.