Olivia really wanted to play netball. Olivia is a very sad girl who is 13 years old and she really wanted to play netball. It was Thursday and her mum and dad were going on a vacation to Hawaii and they went without her because it was her mum and Dads 11th anniversary.

It was Saturday and it has been 2 days in Hawaii. They were going to a beautiful restaurant on a amazing beach. They were
and they got into a horrific car crash and i mean a horrific car crash. They both were in critical condition and had a %99 of dying unfortunately they did.

6 days later….. Her mum and dad were supposed to be back 3 days ago but they weren't. Olivia was getting very scared because they weren't back when they were supposed to be. Olivia had no clue that they have passed away this was on the news even all over the world.

2 days later….. Olivia's Nan arrived at Olivia's house and told her the whole story about a mum and dad passing away Olivia got really sad and started crying for a whole two weeks. Olivia was really sad that didn't know that they passed away. Olivia had to live with her nan because she didn't have anybody to live with

3 years later…. Olivia was 16 years old and really wanted to play netball Olivia asked her Nan if she could play netball but her nan yelled at her and said NO I don't have enough money. Olivia went straight to her room and slam the door because she was really mad she couldn't play a netball. Olivia had a really good plan her plan was find a job and get money because she thought that maybe if she would have to work she would of got money so, Olivia did. She wanted to work for a pizza worker. Olivia got the job.

4 weeks later…… Olivia's been working at a pizza place for 4 weeks now and she saved up to about $368 which is a lot and netball registration cost $403 she only had $368 so she had to work for longer.

2 weeks later….. Olivia has now saved up to $430 so now she knew that she had enough. Netball registrations where in one week so live your so excited because she really wanted to play netball.

1 week later….. Today was netball registration day. Olivia was so excited because she wanted to meet some friends in her netball team. It was the end of netball registration. Olivia had made a lot of new friends and she's made it into the netball team so that made her even happier. There are two weeks until her netball game.

2 weeks later….. it was netball game today. she was so excited to play Olivia had some good breakfast to make her pumped up and ready to play olivia played GS which means goal shooter. Olivia's been training for 3 weeks. The buzzer went ‘DING DONG’ Olivia played. It was the end of the game and Olivia played amazing. She scored 21 goals. That's why. she was trying for so long. Olivia was so happy that she's got that many goals and she was even happy because they won against the other team.

Olivia was in a really good mood and that is really strange she's always seems to be in a cranky mood