Molly's Adventure

Excellence Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

“I can get a pet!” Lizzie shouted. She was on the way to the animal shelter with her Mum and Dad. Finally, they got there. The shelter was small and all you could hear was the woofing of dogs and the meowing of cats! “This place is amazing,” she whispered, too astonished to say it louder.
All you could see was animals in their enclosures and the shelter owners. Mum had been holding Lizzie’s hand all that time. Finally, she let it go.
“Okay,” the owner said, “First we need to know what you would like to adopt out of dogs and cats.”
“Well,” Lizzie began, “Hmmmm, I think a dog.”
“Okay, here is the dog section,” the owner said.
Suddenly something fluffy caught Lizzie’s eye. She followed the glimpse and a cute puppy appeared.
“OMG that puppy looks so cute!!!” Lizzie squealed.
The owner unlocked the enclosure the puppy was in. Lizzie got on the floor on her knees as the puppy sniffed her curiously and let Lizzie pat her. “Mum, Dad, pretty please can we get her?” Lizzie pleaded.
“Well you are getting responsible,” Mum said. “So, yes Lizzie!”
“On one condition - you must tidy your room once a week,” said Dad.
“Deal!” Lizzie said. “I think I will name her Molly,” said Lizzie.
When they had paid, they got back in their car with Molly in her cage. Lizzie was talking in a soothing voice, saying, “I’m Lizzie and you’re coming home with me, but don’t worry because I’m kind.” When they got home, she let Molly out of her cage, showed her around and set up a basket for Molly to sleep in.
Lizzie and Molly ate their dinner. “I’m going to show her the backyard, then go to bed,” she remarked.
“Ok,” Mum replied.
As Lizzie walked around the garden in the backyard, she realised that there was a small hole in the fence. She quickly got Molly inside. The next day Lizzie has forgotten all about the hole in the fence. She got Molly’s lead and called Molly over. “I’m going to show Molly the park!” Lizzie shouted.
“Be back by lunch,” Mum said.
Lizzie showed Molly the whole park – Molly even found a favourite spot! After they got back home and had lunch, Lizzie decided to play fetch with Molly in the backyard. They began playing when suddenly Lizzie threw the ball through the hole in the fence. Molly dived after it. “Oh no!” Lizzie shouted. Molly had gone! Mum came running out. “Molly has run away!” Lizzie said.
The family started looking for Molly with no luck. Lizzie was about to give up when she decided to take a walk to the park. Suddenly, something caught Lizzie’s eye – could it be? “MOLLY!” Lizzie shouted. “Come on, we better get you home,” Lizzie said. “I’m so glad I found you!” Lizzie said cuddling Molly.
The end