Kaboom!! Mermaids!

KABOOM!! The storm erupted everywhere! One minute it was sunny and calm, the next it was cold and dark. It was pouring down rain, the wind was howling. My friends and I were getting drawn closer and closer. The water got sucked back a lot. We went to investigate why. Suddenly a ginormous tsunami broke out. It crashed down and everything went pitch black. Somehow we found each other’s hand and we gripped on tight.
“Good-bye world,” I thought.
Was this the end?!!
Then, in what seemed our last moment to live, strong hands grabbed us. We were safe! Someone slipped some necklaces over our heads and we found we could see and breathe again! Everything wasn’t black. Everyone was still in one piece. We were safe! Now we saw that our rescuers had been a group of strong, kind merman. Suddenly they swam off. They beckoned for us to follow them. We found ourselves in an underwater city!
It had coral houses and seaweed gardens. There even was a museum of shells! But then Madi said, “Why is the coral white, the seaweed droopy and the shells dull?” The mermen replied, “It is the evil pirates. They throw rubbish into the ocean instead of recycling and they pollute the sea too, just because it will destroy our beautiful kingdom! You can help us to defeat the pirates and save the whole ocean!” We decided to help.
We went to see the Queen mermaid.
“Good morning Your Royal Highness!” we chorused.
“Please call me Crystal,” the Queen said. “Now let’s get to work!” We worked on a plan to capture the pirates for half an hour. Finally, we had one. We all had various jobs to do. I did one thing, Madi did another and Tillie did something else.
Madi made the signal. We were all nervous. The ship was coming in fast. They bumped into my fake island so it triggered a gigantic net made out of rubbish. “That is how you recycle!” I shouted. The ship was now caught in the net. Tillie pressed a button. A stinky dead shark catapulted through the air and landed on the ship. Suddenly it exploded!
KABOOM! The ship exploded, along with the pirates. In the commotion, their rubbish sprayer turned reverse, so it sucked up all the pollution and rubbish in the ocean.
Suddenly the kingdom was beautiful once more. It was the end of the disgusting pirates with their pollution and rubbish in the ocean!
The whole city was clapping and cheering for us. Crystal was so happy that she let us keep our necklaces so that every time we go to the beach we can visit them. In addition to this, she sent us back to the beach, but made it sunny again. “Goodbye and thank-you!” I called as we went whizzed back.
KABOOM! We landed on the beach.
It was the best adventure EVER!! I can’t wait till next time we go to the beach!



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