Back In Time

Oh my gosh this isn’t my house or my back yard. Mum? Dad? No it is grandma and grandad. I think I went back in time aahhhh! I went down stairs and the kitchen was so small, including the holle house. There were horses outside and there were dirt rodes and no cars. Instead of cars there were horses. I evan rode Salli to school and my grandmas mum said “go to the barn and get the horses Christine.” And Salli was white and brawn and had blue eyes. Instead of driving to school I rode Salli my horse to school. And I rode to school in the rain. Grandmas horse Madalee loved rain but my horse Salli hated rain and she went crazy and kicked me off into the mud. Then I had to walk home with mud all over me. There was mud on Salli to. I had to quickly change my clothes. Then when I got home from school things got worse. I had to clean the holle stables. I had to clean the chicken coop as well. Then I took a nap then rode to school. The next day I woke up and got redy for school and rode Salli to school. I learnt about times tables. I wondered wot Livy was learning about? When I got back from school I found 15 eggs in the chicken coop and two little foals. That night I went to sleep very quickly because I was so tired. The next day I woke up and I was back at my home! I liked being back in time but glad I was home.