I Am A Drought

My soul stretches and spreads over the far, vast horizon. My anger is my blood, creating veins in the Earth, fractures. The rage I hold is unbearable, yet I still allow it to course through my soul. I wish I was not something with one terrible purpose, to wither this land. This makes me angry but-but I provide a home for creatures that need me to survive. I still hurt them sometimes. It’s not my fault. Am I something that is meant to harm? Or heal? Different emotions surge through me, emotions that do not match. This makes me angry yet again. When water comes and covers a part of my soul I feel hope, hope that I will flourish and become different. I do not flourish. The water is not enough for me. Rage and anger overwhelms it. I need help. Please. I do not wish to suffer any longer but I must endure. Endure until I change. For this is who I am!
I am a drought!