Kate’s Diary - Monday 31st Jan

Why does school have to start today? I am not ready for the holidays to end, but from the looks of it, my little sister Sarah is. She is very annoying. Mum is excited for us though, which is making things tough for me and my extra-awesome-brilliant-never failing idea. I guess I’ll have to take out the ‘never failing’ part, and every thing else too, now it is just ‘my plan.’ Mum says that she is scared I am getting older, but I think I am too young to go to high school. I want to stay in primary, where everything is easier. But no, this is high school I’m talking about, HIGH SCHOOL! Everything is hard and... just no. I don’t want to go and I’ll do anything but to go. I wish someone would just explain that to my mum.

Really, what does school even do? When I am older all I am going to do is go shopping and wear pretty clothes. Everything doesn’t make sense. Why isn’t there a fashion class instead of math? And maybe girls don’t have to do P.E because really, if you think about it, it’s not like we are going to be doing star jumps when YOU’RE AT CHADSTONE! Well anyway I better get ready for school, it’s probably for the best.

My friends Lexy and Amelia are over, they seem just the same as Sarah. They look ready and organised, while I am just sitting on the lounge in my PJs watching telly. Sarah runs in the room and starts jumping around on the lounges, but that is when the trouble happens and she falls off. Mum runs up to her and picks her up. She takes her to the kitchen for an ice pack and a cup of milk. Lexy and Amelia run in the room to see what happened. They don’t really mind the noise of Sarah crying but they give me a heads up to get ready. So I get out of my unicorn PJs and change to the school dress (which is nearly down to my shins) and skip into the bathroom to do the rest. I decide to have my hair in a pony-tail with a little purple bow. The bow matches my jacket, which is also purple. I put a tissue in my pocket and walk out into the kitchen for breakfast. I’m having weet-bix with cold milk and honey, like I always do. It’s my favourite combo. I lean over to the window and I can see Lexy doing handstands in the back garden. She seems really bored so I completely stuff the weet-bix in my face and run to get my school bag. Lexy notices me and calls for Amelia to come out as well. They squeal with delight and do their handshake. I walk away and hop in our new shiny grey mazda 3. Fingers crossed it is not as bad as I think it will be.



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