I'm driving down a badly paved highway with no streetlights. I’m on the long drive to my grandparents’ house through the desert. The only lights were the ones on my car and the only sounds were coming out of my radio and the roar of my car.
The dying roar of my car.
My car has stopped.
I check why. I’m out of petrol. It’s odd because last time I checked I was on full. I try to call some help on my phone but it’s out of power. I’ve been charging it this whole trip. Something is going on here. I’ll have to walk to the nearest petrol station. I know that I am over halfway on this trip so I walk forward.
I’ve been walking for an hour and I’ve walked past strange signs that were all in different languages except one. It said:
But I have to keep walking. Eventually I can’t walk any longer. I sit down and try to sleep. I am about to drift off but suddenly the darkness is swallowed by a blinding light that comes from everywhere. The world starts spinning. I feel lightheaded. I start to blow away as if I am made of dust. I close my eyes and scream.
When I open my eyes again I am not where I was before. I am standing in a jungle. I see a big scaly lizard. And I mean BIG! In fact, I think it’s a dinosaur. Definitely the right size and shape and scales and… okay, it’s a dinosaur.
I start to back away and my vision goes a woody brown. I jump backwards and vision goes normal. There is a tree right where I just was. I think I walked through it. I try to touch the tree. And sadly, it doesn’t work. My hand goes through it.
After walking around I can hear something ginormous swooshing down from the sky. I look up and see a giant asteroid streaking down. It wrecks through the roof of trees and demolishes the ground. A gaping hole where it landed is throwing a thick wall of dust. The dust is blasting outwards and is strong enough to kill anything. It’s about to take me with it. And just before it does it explodes with light. I feel lightheaded like I felt before and everything whisks away. I close my eyes again.
When I open my eyes I am back in my car and I have just gone past the end of the desert. The first rays of the sun are creeping over the roofs of the houses in the town in front of me.
My night is over.
The end