A Babies Life.

I wake up crying for some reason. Who is this strange lady with brown messy hair and a hospital gown looking down on me? Then some man with golden teeth, brown baggy shorts, and blue shirt walks in and carries me. What is happening? This place has light. Different then what I am used to. What? Where is this man taking me! Why is that lady staying? Is he taking me to a thing with wheels? I am very confused. Everyone keeps speaking in like another language! The thingy with wheels is moving? I never thought this would happen. It is going so fast. It's like a super scary rollercoaster. I'm at a house with a scary little boy looking at me with an evil smile. He has hazelnut brown hair and green eyes. He is wearing a bright yellow top and black pants. He looks like a danger to me, I should avoid him. At home, I get put in a so-called cot but that's code for prison. I do not get it I did nothing wrong and yet I am in a prison cell. That evil boy's name is Nick. Sounds very evil. To make him go away I poo in my diaper and he runs.Everyone calls me Anna so I think that's my name. I am crawling now I can almost walk and can speak half of the words.
"Dad," I say. "I want ice cream."
"Ok." He says.
I get anything I want I am just so cute.