Fairy Floss Land

Once upon a time, there was a land called Fairy Floss Land, everything was made out of fairy floss except for humans.
One day it was extremely scorching, so everything that was fairy floss turned into rainbows. From that day humans would turn purple in summer when it was hot and blue in winter when it was cold.
One day a bad girl called Cakebacon came to Fairy Floss Land. She was a very tall lady, her hair was crackling and buttery like bacon strips, her eyes were sapphire like the sky. Cakebacon was very jealous of Fairy Floss Land and its people, as they were all very bubbly and effervescent, they loved living there in Fairy Floss Land. Cakebacon in the contrary, lived in a very pessimistic and mournful city, filled with beastly people who taught her how to be a villain. As Cakebacon grew up, she migrated to oodles of interesting territories and wiped out each one of them because she was jealous of their people and how enthusiastic they all were.
Cakebacon was jealous of Fairy Floss Land when she heard of it. Indeterminately, she put the small land in a black, vast pan so she could melt it and destroy it forever. Fairy Floss Land would never be seen again.
Then a superhero came, her name was Superfreezer. She could freeze things, shoot electric rays and fire and also, she could become invisible. Superfreezer was a cordial, pleasant and admirable person. She wore blue clothes to represent ice, a yellow mask to represent fire, silver boots to represent electricity and clear gloves to represent her invisibleness. Superfreezer lived in Chocolate world where all the people in it were superheroes and they taught her how to be an accomplished young lady.
Superfreezer defeated Cakebacon that day, however Cakebacon came back the following day and she made everything chocolate instead of fairy floss and all the humans were very gloomy.
The day after that it was very hot and all the chocolate started to melt and Superfreezer bit Cakebacon thinking she was chocolate, as Superfreezer really loved chocolate. Cakebacon was destroyed forever and the Fairy Floss Land returned to normal and everyone was safe again. The following day Superfreezer came to check if Cakebacon had returned but she hadn't returned. Superfreezer became a welcomed visitor to Fairy Floss Land and the people gazed at her in amazement for having saved their precious land. Everyone lived happily ever after.
The End.


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