Ha, Gotcha!

Roar! Screech! The unpleasant high pitched noise rang in my eardrums causing me to yelp in fright. Slowly we crept on all fours, quiet as a mouse, trying not to make a noise. Oh no! Clatter! Bang! Scurrying through the floor we hid, but no! The ladle fell with a clinking clatter! I beckoned Kayla to come but she stood there, too frightened to move. I quickly crept into the little cupboard and tried to close the door, but it was jammed! The dinosaur had seen me! I screamed in horror as I saw the dinosaur with dangerous teeth, claws as sharp as a dagger, nostrils flared, running straight at me! I had to escape! Crash! The dinosaur had head butted the wall beside me, which now lay in smithereens. My heart beating in my chest, I quickly got out of the cupboard and escaped. Amidst all the commotion, I saw Kayla trying to run away from the dinosaur. Kayla was limping, due to her broken ankle. She was going straight for the door but unfortunately, the dinosaur was just centimetres behind her! I had to help! I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I pushed the dinosaur with all my strength and somehow, by luck, got into the tiny room.
Taking in little gasps of air, I flung my arms over Kayla. It was a mysterious room with only one window. It was full of many brooms and kitchen utensils. It smelt revolting like rotten milk and old garlic. Screech! I could hear the dinosaur scraping at the doors surface. I could already imagine the damage on the door. Scratch marks, blocking every inch of the terra cotta colour. We had to escape before the dinosaur made its way through the plain rusty door. I looked this way and that trying to find something which could help us get out of this fiasco. There was practically only brooms and dustpans with a few old kitchen utensils. I searched my pockets hoping that I would find something, anything. Well, to be honest, something which could help us, because a scrunched up tissue wouldn’t help at all unless it had supernatural powers or something.
YES! There was something in my pocket. Hopefully something like a knife or a sharp dagger which I could just stab at the dinosaur’s eye. That would be pretty cool. I could imagine the headlines already, ‘12 year old kid saves 9 year old sister from dinosaur!’ Yeah, maybe now’s not really the time to think about the future because it might as well be a bad one. I fiddled around with my pocket and out came... A PERFUME BOTTLE! Like that could help with anything right now other than make ourselves smell good. Thank you for ruining my life, perfume bottle! I threw the bottle at the floor centimetres in front of us.
“Why did you-” Kayla was cut off by a BLAST! The dinosaur had made its way towards us. We backed up while the dinosaur came hurtling towards... the floor? Right before my eyes, I see the dinosaur knocked unconscious, sprawled across the floor in, *sniff sniff* my perfume?! Ohhhh, I get it now! *realisation* It slipped in the perfume liquid, which spilled out everywhere when I smashed it! I could smell the perfume essence, it smelt like victory! Memories of Mr. Bean filled into my mind. “Ha, gotcha!” I thought, with a smirk.



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