Land Of The Fairies

I walked to the pod. The day had finally come. The day I went and explored the Land of the Fairies.
I strutted up to the futuristic pod, my bronze-coloured hair tied back into a high ponytail. I was fitted in a simple, black shirt and black leggings. I walked into the pod and the attendant closed the glass door. Soon, a golden light engulfed me from head to toe.
My eyes slowly fluttered open. It was like a brand-new world. The fairies were dressed like angels with their long, flowy gowns. I looked down to see my own outfit was very similar, with a long, elegant, pink dress. Beautiful and enchanting.
The land was truly dazzling. Fairies flew around, laughing in a melodic voice. The rivers sparkled in the shining sun. Alongside the rivers were willow trees, swaying in the light breeze with their long, flowing branches, almost as if they were dancing. The waterfalls were so shimmery, they looked just like a glitter shower. The soft, green grass stretched out into the horizon. Even the little details were astounding. The moss shimmying up the smooth tree bark. Squirrels with silky fur. It was just fascinating.
An alluring fairy flew up to me and stated in a melodious voice, “Hi! I’m Opal, and I am the spring fairy here, in Fawnia. Would you like to eat?”
“Yeah, sure,” I muttered. Opal lead me to a toadstool house and offered me some cookies. I nibbled on one, expecting to taste something disgusting, but it was kind of nice. Like a custard cream.
I soon realised that my human associates would be waiting for me, so I asked Opal, “How do you leave this land?” She replied with a tone of worry, “You’ll have a problem with that. You will need to find our treasure. Well then, bye!” She pushes me out and slams the door. I fly to where I think a treasure would be kept: The Throne Room.
I flew to the throne room, where the Queen fairy stared at me with a reassuring look. “Hello, fellow fairy. What can I do for you?”
“I need to find Fawnia’s most valuable treasure,” I replied.
“Well, here is the treasure, a harp. In order to succeed, you will need to play it.”
I looked to see a gold frame, but no strings. How was I meant to play this? Still, I persevered and sat down on the velvet seat, conveniently positioned right next to the harp. I closed my eyes and thought of all the people who would cheer me on when I arrived back. To my surprise, I was playing a sweet tune!
“Well done,” the Queen says. “You have founded our greatest treasure. Happiness. It is what keeps our revolution alive and well. You are free to go home now.” The Queen waves her wand and the golden light consumes me up.

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