The Man

Merit in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

Anticipation, pure elation bubbling inside
Like a volcano verging to explode
I rubbed my flamboyant, itchy, woollen gloves together
Meticulously and elegantly sewed
Beaming, alluring lights shone on the ecstatic crowd
As the disfigured man of the mountain high stage
Took off his shimmering top hat and bowed
The audience fell to a deafening silence
Lingering to hear the maimed man's impaired speech
His eyes leaning obliquely as his gallant silver microphone
Projected out a high pitched piercing screech
"Thank you! Thank you!" The inexplicable man cried
While exclaiming claps filled the air
Then the enigmatic man strutted around his black carpeted stage,
His posture oozing with flair!


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