Target: Earth

BOOM! This is what Zack woke up to. Zack is an ordinary guy. His real name was Frank, but his friends called him Zack. Not that he had any friends. Every same old day went the same old way. He went to the same old office in London. Quench office, the longest tower in the world. Now see how I used longest not tallest. It is only twenty four stories tall, but it grows far beneath the earth’s crust. At the bottom of the tower there was a humungous drill. Just above the drill is an automatic floor maker. It places support beams, puts in pressure stabilisers. WAIT! If you didn`t know the pressure stabilisers stop the workers from being crushed to death from the pressure. Any way back to the story. Then put in the roof, floor, wall and the people come in with the computers. But back to the story. Zack stumbled out of his office and to the window. As soon as he saw what was happening, he became fully awake.

It was big. Sorry let me rephrase that. It was huge. Sorry, sorry I did it again. Let me rephrase that again. It was ginormous. The biggest tsunami he has ever seen. Without even thinking he ran to the roof. As he slammed open the door pain shot through his fingers. His brain became packed with even more thoughts than it could handle. The two main ones was, ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING!?’ And ‘WHY didn`t I work out?’ Just a few seconds after stumbling onto the roof he felt like he was in a hurricane. Not long after the wind hit, he got used to it and opened his eyes to an army helicopter. ‘ARE YOU LOGAN WILLIAMS!?’ they yelled at him. Logan Williams was Zack`s rival at the office. They were always fighting for top of the office. He knew that he had to pretend to be Logan to survive. ‘YES’ he replied as he stumbled towards the helicopter. As he got on, the tsunami became so close he thought he was going to die. But just as he thought that, the helicopter ascended like a bullet. About two hundred metres up they began to move forwards. As he looked back he saw everything he knew, disappear.

Three months later
Zack was typing randomly at a computer, his fingers numbing, brain hurting, but he didn`t stop. He now realised why they wanted Logan. He was the coding genius. Zack was the financial guy, but he didn’t want to blow his cover, so he pretended to be Logan. It turns out that aliens were expanding the Earth`s core that created the tsunamis all over the world. The only place that wasn`t hit by a tsunami was Australia. That is where they were. Zack was supposed to code a missile that would blow up the alien spaceship into orbit. TEN! Yelled the loud speakers. NINE! Zack silently prayed that what he did was right. It wasn`t.