Excellence Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

We are compacted like sardines in a can,
as our helmets connect with every wave,
the stench of vomit causes your nostrils to burn,
and as the shore got closer, your stomach will churn.

Our eyes are blood shot like rivers of blood,
and our lips taste of salt from the ocean and the sweat from our head,
you can hear the soft sobbing under the explosions and gunfire,
and see the shock as my mate takes one to the head.

We made it to the beach with pride in our hearts,
we were ready to join the fight,
the ramp to our boat dropped and we stumbled out,
but the bright morning sun blinded our sight.

We were helpless and gunned down one by one,
I fell with a bullet straight through my chest,
my face lying in the sand knowing this is were I will die,
I turn to my fellow soldiers, salute and say goodbye.