A Big Fail

BANG CRASH! “Oops sorry I didn't see the camera there. I’ll pay for it. Anyway, it’s your boy cookie. In fact i really live up to my name because i smell cookies everywhere i go.Whatever, you should know who I am but if you don’t i’ll tell you,”

“I’m a orange corgi i always feel happy and i live with my friends poptart the unicorn and narwelly the narwhal and this is the story of how I saved narwelly,well for starters poptart helped me save him.”

“That's gone to far into the story, let me start from the beginning.”

“Me and poptart were just chilling by the river were narwelly lives,but than we heard


“We rushed to see what was narwelly stuck in a iceberg!I jumped in to try save him but then i forgot I can’t swim!”

“but poptart jumped in and save me.”

“We stressed,we needed help it was time to bring in hob...Now you may be wondering who hob is well he's basically just he’s a helpful wizard So me and poptart summoned hob with the one word.”


“POOF” he appears and he just starts talking he says to go into the forbidden forest you will find a hut inside there is special fairydust that will free your friend,you go alone it won’t be there work as a team you will find it bye. POOF he’s gone obviously I thought I couldn't “it’s too dangerous but poptart can read minds and she said”

”Stop being a woos, your friends life is in your hands”

“And what do you expect me to say?....you were right I said fine.”

“So there we were in the forbidden forest,what do I have to say about it there ok where do I start, firstly there are creepy noises secondly you can’t see a thing because of how dark it is thirdly but not the last thing there’s weird creachers!”that’s just three i could name a million more
“We actually thought everything was fine but then i realized it’s the forbidden forest and right that second SWISH I look over to where poptart was and she was gone I panicked I didn't know what to do and…”


“That’s poptarts scream I look throw the bush’s to see what was poptart on a table covered folur with a rolling pin next to her she was shaking like my dogma watching a horror movie,man she can scream… Anyway you won’t believe what I saw next there were these black figures heating up a fire!more than one million thoughts went through my head... was poptart going to get eaten,why can’t they just eat french toast instead that was just a two i was so scared i did not want this to happen what will happen next... well can’t tell you that,well that’s for another time!...”


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