Running Late

Excellence In Writing Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

I overslept. I’m running late
My mum is making such a fuss.
If I so much hesitate
I probably will miss the bus.

I grab my socks and underpants and quickly pull on all my clothes.
I haven’t had time to comb my hair or brush my teeth or blow my nose.

I wolf my breakfast, kiss my mum,and barrel madly out the door.
I’m feeling anything but calm. I’ve never been this late before.

I run like crazy down the street. I check my watch, it’s almost eight.
I wish I’d had more to eat. But, man I simply can’t be late

I barely make it in time. To miss the bus would not be cool.
I wouldn’t mind except that I’m the guy who drives the kids to school.


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