Dancing In The Rain

Dancing in the rain
is something quite bizarre.
A double take and a “she’s insane.”
Who do they think they are?
But will you still join me dancing in the rain?
A quick twist and a turn while I jump into a puddle,
drenched from head to toe, in a bit of a muddle.
But there I stand and quite frankly will remain.
Will you still join me dancing in the rain?
Oh, so happy! Free as a bird!
I do a leap and reveal another turn.
Some may think I’m completely absurd!
But will you still join me dancing in the rain?
As the clouds run away and the rain relaxes,
I look around, watching the people, perhaps worrying about their taxes.
Our busy lives, always rushing here and there.
But why don’t you stop for once and smell the sweet air?
A simple request I ask you once again,
will you stop and join me
Dancing in the Rain?


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