Half Moon

‘If only I had just half of you, then I wouldn’t feel like this.’

Jasper quietly hums to the song playing softly in the background as he lies on his bed. He’s turned on his side, looking out at the neighbourhood below his second-floor bedroom window. It’s open, letting the slight breeze brush over his skin. The houses around him are dark and the street is empty except for a car passing by every now and then, but no one is really up this late into the night. All except for Jasper. He likes this time, it’s quiet and he can think without being interrupted. This particular evening, he can’t seem to get a certain someone out of his head, and the song he has been playing on repeat just describes everything so perfectly.

‘Nothing comes close to even half of you.’

Jasper slowly turns onto his back, the need for sleep and the slight ache tugging at his heart finally making him want to just let go. He lets his eyes slowly close, the low hum of the melody lulling him into a light slumber. Just as sleep almost fully engulfs him, a soft knock at the window makes him jump. His eyes snap open, having a slight fear of what he’ll see on the other side of the glass. And what he finds he doesn’t expect at all.

“Adrian?” Jasper whispers in disbelief, mouth hanging open just a little at the sight of the older boy clinging to what looks like a water pipe, a cheeky smile on his lips.

“Hey, Jasper.” He answers, a light dusting of pink on his cheeks which Jasper blames on the climb up to his window.

He’s still a little in shock, and he tries to organise his mind but fails miserably, words just spilling from his mouth, “What are you- how- why are you?” Adrian just chuckles at the not so complete sentence.

“I couldn’t sleep and I could see your lamp on from my window, so now I’m here and I would be honoured to have you accompany me on a short adventure.” Jasper giggles at Adrian’s words, if he wasn’t fully awake before he defiantly is now.

“Sure, where are we going?” He replies, already pulling the window open enough to be able to sit comfortably on the edge.

“Who knows,” He says, winking. “Now we better hurry before this pipe breaks from my weight.” Jasper giggles again, watching as Adrian clambers down the metal before jumping onto the grass. Quickly he follows the older boy, quietly running to catch up with him as he is somehow already across the street. He slows down as he reaches Adrian’s side, and Jasper’s not particularly sure if he’s lost his breath from the short run or the warm hand already entwining its fingers with his. They walk like this until Adrian speaks, breaking the silence.

“It’s a half moon tonight.”

“It doesn’t even come close to half of you.”


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