“Pleasure, Miss Kesara. Such a shame we had to meet on such circumstances, don’t you agree?”
Mia nodded stiffly, her eyes nervously darting about the room, flickering between the door and the only other occupant of the room.
“Now, now, no need to be so tense. Want anything? Drinks? Snacks?” Seth asked.
“No thanks.”
He shrugged. “Suit yourself.” The detective made a gesture towards the open door, and not long after, a young brown-haired woman emerged from it.
“How may I help you, sir?”
“A jug of water and one glass please, Skylar.” The corners of his mouth tilted upwards slightly, almost unnoticeably, before he diverted his attention back to Mia.
“I told you I don’t want anything.” The statement was ignored as the detective observed her, one leg crossed over the other. Silence reigned for over a minute before Mia broke the ice.
“What?” She asked, highly uncomfortable. The interrogator didn’t move or speak. Mia nervously fidgeted with the hem of her shirt, tapping her foot unconsciously. Skylar finally returned and set down a jug of water on the table, as well as an empty glass. She nodded towards him, turned, and left the room.
“So, Miss Kesara. Tell me, how long have you known Mr Havington?”
“Around 6 years.”
The detective whistled. “Quite the time period, huh?”
She nodded.
“Such a shame he died the day after he proposed. Quite a tragedy indeed,” Seth said, shaking his head.
She kept silent, her hands shaking.
“Not the talkative type, I presume? No matter, we’ve got plenty of time.” The hidden innuendo was obvious. Plenty of time to make you crack.
“I didn’t-”
“No need to be so defensive just yet,” Seth said lightly. “There’s not enough evidence to convict you of anything yet.”
“Then why-”
“You’re just one of the suspects. You entered his house with him, and left 2 hours later, correct?” Seth questioned, pouring water into the glass.
“Just yes and no answers will be sufficient.”
“…Yes,” Mia responded, albeit reluctantly.
“Did you leave alone?”
“Was there anyone else in the house except you two?”
He nodded, setting the jug down. “Water?”
“I...what?” Mia stared at him, momentarily disoriented.
Seth’s gentle smile sharpened as he slid a picture across the table.
'Do you know this man?' The question was obvious, despite the fact that no one voiced it.
The detective recorded all her movements; slight tensing, avoiding eye contact, hand closer to face, knees tilting almost unnoticeably towards the window.
“No.” Her voice was full of certainty, and she was now staring directly at him as if expecting a confrontation.
“Of course, that’s all for today. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time here.”
The pieces were now falling into place. The detective smiled gently as he left the building, taking out the recording tape from his inner pocket. Now that the queen had been dealt with, it was time to take on the King.