A Bad Day

I wake up, I look around and see the present on the floor yes! Its my Birthday!!! I rip the wrapping paper off the present Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s a cricket bat oh my goodness that must have cost a lot! I sprint down the stairs past the old rusted nails, the creaking floorboard and the broken tap to my parents’ bedroom I jump on the bed and scream thankyou to them “thankyou thankyou thankyou you are the best parents ever!” I scream
“Ok,” they try to calm me down but they can’t
“I made those cupcakes for you,” Mum says
“Really? The triple chocolate fudge with smarties.” I ask
“We’ve made a monster,” Dad says jokingly to Mum.
I race back up the stairs to my big sisters bedroom who is awake and already on her phone (probably on snapchat) and say “Hi Oliva.”
“Hi Lance,” She replies in her usual snobby way.
“Be nice it’s my birthday,” I reply.
“I know, the whole neighbourhood would with your screaming,” She replies again in her usual snobby way. I storm out of the room huffing. I don’t know why she gets on my nerves she just does but I’m not going to let an annoying sister get in my way. I get ready for school and catch the bus I tell everyone about my kookaburra kaboom they are all so jealous. At school I see Jye and Luke these are the 2 people I won’t tell about my cricket bat because they will just find something to tease me about so I carefully avoid them I don’t share any classes with them it is like the gods have blessed my birthday. I walk home every day but today Mum will pick me up. I am waiting outside in the school car park when I hear Jye’s sneer “Is baby too young to walk home?”
“Yeah,” Luke chimed in. I ignore them I can’t let them get the satisfaction of a reaction.
“I heard baby has been bragging about a cricket bat,” Jye says.
“And braggers deserve to be punished,” Luke says menacingly.
I try to back away but they come closer Jye tries a punch but I manage to dodge it and this just makes him more angry he tries again but again I dodge and this time I push him over, he yelps with pain and then he looks down at his cut hand “Yes this is perfect evidence,” He says with a smirk forming. Oh no I think the realization hurts 10x worse than any punch could. He was going to snitch how could he! But as my head lifts I see mum coming into the carpark. She must have seen me push him and that’s all and she does not look happy. I hop in the car the second I get in she starts yelling “I can’t believe you pushed that poor boy over.”
Then I woke up and I know I would never be mean again...