The Killer Narwal

Excellence Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

As the waves were crashing against each other, the scenic sun had just risen, the water was clear as crystal. It glistened in the stunning sunshine. Soon, Dotty an adorable, miniature clownfish had woken from her sleep. A few minutes later she as on the shell phone to ring her best friend Leila to tell her what had woken her. Leila soon picked up her shell phone and answered Dotty’s call.
“Hi” said Leila in a very cranky fish voice, “why are you ringing me this early in the morning”.
“I heard a thunderous noise and once I heard it I was up and awake, I have tried to get back to sleep but I just can’t I have got the creeps,” explained Dotty. “Anyway, did you hear the terrifying noise, I am sure the whole town did?” expressed Dotty.
“No, I did not” admitted Leila.
Leila hung up and went back to sleep, Dotty did too, she felt safer now. That morning when it was actually time to wake up, Leila went to town to see if she could hear the suspicious noises herself. At town, many fish were all crowded in a tremendous circle. They were all saying that they heard this thunderous noise last night, one of them saw who was making the noise, it was a killer narwhal!
That night Leila and Dotty had a sleepover at Dotty’s home. Dotty was explaining to Leila that ‘The killer narwhal eats all the fish in his sight and is very stoic, so he doesn’t care at all what you have to say because either way he’s going to eat you.”
After that they went to sleep, both of the fish were very tired so they were fast asleep at 7pm. At about 11pm that night Leila and Dotty were woken by the thundering sound. The loud, threatening noise was back, it was the killer narwhal! Leila was determined to stop this so; she was off to stop the killer narwhal.
Leila was a loyal, tenacious and very optimistic, extremely little fish but she has never shown this much leadership. As she approached the humungous fish she began doubting herself but Dotty was right by her side so she kept going. When Leila had finally made it to the seat in front of the spontaneous killer narwhal, Leila really wanted to go back but she knew this is the right thing to do. She jumped up placed a massive piece of seaweed in his mouth…
Guess what? He absolutely loved it!! The killer narwhal started asking so many questions about the piece of seaweed. We told him all the answers and he promised Dotty and Leila that he would never in his life eat a fish again! Leila and Dotty had learnt a valuable lesson that day: to stick together and always believe in yourself.